High Back Chairs

You may have heard wing chairs also referred to as high back chairs, this is because their unique design features an exceptional high back. This style of chair offers excellent back support, ensuring your back is in the right alignment for your spine, which reduces stress and ensures you are sitting in the correct position.

A high back chair also makes sitting down and getting up much easier and safer, without requiring extra help or struggling. All these features and benefits make high back chairs especially effective for elderly people, as well as those with back problems, restricted mobility and arthritis.

Within our range, youíll find high back chairs to suit all support requirements, from those with more padding to those with a firmer finish. The Queen Anne Chair has a firm back for extra support, while the Cavendish high back chair has a smooth back, and the Chairmans Wing Chair features a cushion back and padded headrest for more comfort.

All of our high back chairs are fully bespoke, offering you the option to customise your new chair to suit your preferences, whether itís changing the detailing or even altering the height and width of the chair back to match your support requirements.