High Seat Chairs

Wing chairs are often also referred to as high seat chairs because of their shape, which features a unique high seat design. High seat chairs make it easy and safe for people to sit down and get up off the chair, without the need for struggling or extra help, which makes them especially suited to elderly people, and also those who suffer from back problems, arthritis and restricted mobility.

A high seat chair also promotes a comfortable seating position, ensuring the legs are in the correct position in line with the back. Within our range of high seat chairs, you will find some that maybe more suited to your requirements, for example the Mallory Wing Chair has a high, deep cushioned base, while the Scott Wing Chair is not as high and has a firmer, buttoned base.

As all of our high seat chairs are fully customisable, we are able to make your new chair bespoke to your requirements including adjusting the height, depth and width of the seat, ensuring the right level of support and comfort for your needs.